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ATOP GROUP, made up of Fujian Galle Commodity Co., Ltd , Atop Rattan Products Co.,Ltd., Fujian Galle Glass Arts Co.,Ltd., Atop I/E Trading Co.,Ltd., Atop Customs Broker Co.,Ltd. We are one group, specialize in manufacturing & exporting Galle style cameo glassware as well as rattan, wicker & bamboo woven fan blades, handicrafts, furniture, etc. Our two main factories are:

1. Fujian Galle Commodity Co., Ltd.
Locates in Zhangzhou,China. Mainly Products are the Environmental protections BATH products. The Production including Soap Flowers, Bath Confetti, Bath Salts, Bubble Bath,Loofah Soaps & Multiformity art soaps etc.
The soap flower make from surface-active gene of pure natural plant,natural skin care raw materials,it is green environmentally safe products of new generation .They make ideal Valentine gifts,Mother's day.Every day gifts and wedding anniversary gifts for the one you love.you also can enjoy the functiong of the hot springs.Gathering the hot springs,the bathe ,the health care artickes of the high tasty.Enjoy colorful and diversified bathe,increase the bathe interesting,make your skin smooth to moisten.It is popular, fashion,beautiful and convenient in the good beautiful gift package.The colors and fragrances can be made by customers requirement.

Product quality and safety in use are of paramount conern to us.We are holders of SGS,FDA BV certificate and the CMA & CAL quality accreditation.The finished products are certified to meet international safety standards.  

2.Fujian Galle Glass Arts Co.,Ltd. 
Locates in Xingtai Industrial Park, Changtai, China. Our main prsoducts are Galle style cameo glass table lamps, chandeliers, wall lamps, lamp shades, vases, candle jars, perfume bottles, kitchen-wares, and so on... Those glassware are all hand-blown & hand-carved. We use the same circa 1895 French glass process. Each glass item is made of many layers of richly colored glass. Heavy layers of glass color are exposed by removing(etching) outer layers. Thick relief and a raised design is typical. Each model is handmade opal glass, resulting in natural variations of color intensity. Each cameo glass item is of high value and is worthy of collection.

3.Atop Rattan Products Co.,Ltd.   
Locates in Changtai, China. Mainly makes talble lamps, lamp shades, vases, fan blades, baskets that woven by rattan, wicker and bamboo. There are thousands of different items for your choices. We keep creating new designs constantly.And we can also make products as our customer's designs. 

We provide customers with best quality,competitive prices,prompt delivery and professional design.Customers'logos and designs are welcome.

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